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Helping Brazilian families lift themselves out of poverty

Tamo Junto is a free, mobile-friendly online platform that provides support for low-income small business owners (or micro-entrepreneurs) in Brazil.

These invisible bar codes make plastic more likely to be recycled

By making it possible for recycling facilities to quickly scan a bottle or packaging and learn what it’s made of and where it’s from, this new tech could make recycling more efficient and accurate.

Sanku uses IoT to combat malnutrition throughout Africa

The organization is teaming with Vodafone to use IoT services to fortify flour in small mills in Africa that will be distributed to millions of people who desperately need vital micronutrients.


Family Preservation Through Greeting Cards

BaMatooke Made is an organization that empowers families in Uganda through employment and...

From Lauren Dekleva

Icon DesignLearn to build solar cookers in this workshop

Think solar cookers are heavy and untransportable? Give Vivek Kabra just 3 hours of your time and let him change...

From Tanvi Patel

The boys learning anti-sexism in India

Action for Equality programme seeks to end violence against women by focusing on teenaged boys.

From Elaine Murphy

These are 'Green Commandos' who promote ecological farming

Samir Bordoloi is catalysing the local food economy and building a network of indigenous food advocates and...

From Shantanu Paul

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."
-Kathy Calvin

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South Korea once recycled 2% now it recycles 95% of food waste

Technology has played a leading part in the success of the scheme. In Seoul, 6,000...

From Douglas Broom

Meet the South Africans with a sustainable answer to sanitation

The answer needs to come from the ground up: from people who understand the needs of their communities, and who...

From Beautiful News

This carbon-neutral shipper uses wasted space on other delivery

Sendle takes advantage of the inefficiencies caused by one-day shipping by cheaply booking the extra...

From Adele Peters

This platform makes it easy to offset your plastic footprint

Meet Vera, a new platform that allows members to easily offset their plastic footprint for $3/month...

From Grant Trahant

If the misery of our poor is caused not by the laws of nature but by our institutions then great is our sin.
-Charles Darwin

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This outfit can help deaf people feel music

The SoundShirt translates sound waves into vibrations on the skin, opening up the experience of music to the Deaf...

From Thomas McMullan

Linux-based tablet developed for visually-impaired people

Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have used native knowledge to facilitate the lives of blind...

From IFP

Fieeld is a touch-based device for blind people to follow a football

Users can follow the match play by play through touch, while listening to live commentary, and therefore experience...

From Jenny Brewer

This map aims to pin down sexual harassment-prone areas

Designed by Nupur Patny, the map, called ‘Its not my fault’, hopes to create awareness about sexual harassment...

From Think Change India

"To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is success."
-Henry Ford

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